Naked and Funny 084


Naked and Funny 084

Naked and Funny (Russian: Голые и смешные) is a Russian-language hidden camera reality television show from Ukraine.[1] The show usually includes unexpected public nudity and/or exhibitionism.[2] The series is broadcast on TV channels in several other countries, such as REN TV and Peretz in Russia, Comedy Central in Germany, TV Puls in Poland and Jim in Finland.

There are two types of sketches. The more common includes a sexually attractive girl, about 20 to 30 years old, taking off her clothes, having her clothes torn off or bending over while wearing a miniskirt, in front of an unsuspecting person (usually a male), or sexually awkward people appearing and people’s reactions being filmed. The other variant includes a prank being played on an unsuspecting person. This usually involves the victim removing their clothes in either a changing room or for some other purpose.

Although they are recorded in Odessa, Ukraine with ordinary people, signs are in English (obviously to facilitate international distribution of the episodes), which reduces the likelihood that the presented situations are real and raises suspicions that they are staged.


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